Simplify Cutting Tool Data Planning for Multi-Task Machining Jobs

For seasoned CAD/CAM programmers who know exactly what cutting tools to use for a job, claims that new technologies or processes will improve their efficiency are usually met with skepticism. Controlling multiple tools at once, especially while using several spindles, entails a challenging task for CAM programming. But what if a new tool came along that gave CAD/CAM programmers the ability to offload some of the programming complexities involved and help to streamline the job workflow?

Digitally Replicating Shop Conditions
We’ve heard from experienced users who tell us that they’ve improved their efficiency, as well as their team’s, by using the Job Management section within MachiningCloud. With quite enough to keep track of already, the Job tab helps make the cutting tool management process easier by organizing your tooling data searches within a workholding list and tooling list. Each job in MachiningCloud is paired with your actual machine’s specifications, workpiece material data, and more. In addition, it allows you to track and configure various tooling selections for use on equipment with multiple spindles.

When you create a job in MachiningCloud that involves several cutting operations (each requiring different tooling configurations), you’ll build a tool list that’s comprised of cutting tooling data from different manufacturers, all sourced instantly across a growing list of manufacturer catalogs. The job may involve processes such as pocketing, contouring, facing and more, each with its own curated shopping list of tooling and accessories that can be found on MachiningCloud.

The tooling assemblies that are added to a Job within MachiningCloud can be quickly edited, copied, and modified on-the-fly prior to exporting to CAM programming software. You can add additional tools to an assembly, update its projection length, and change the manufacturer’s recommended feeds and speeds data. For additional verification, use MachiningCloud’s 3D CAD Viewer to review the assembly. Each associated digital model can be downloaded and exported to CAD software for further investigation.

Team Based Communication for Multi-Tasking Jobs
If others in the team are involved with your project, use the Send Copy To feature to send a job’s entire tooling assembly list (along with all of its data) to your colleague(s) for review. Each job that you create can also be collated into PDF or XLS report format, cleanly presented with all of the necessary information on the included tooling assemblies, workholding equipment, and machine specifications.

The My Workshop section of MachiningCloud contains a master list of all of the tooling and workholding data that you’ve searched for since becoming a user. It’s your go-to list for adding tooling to the next complex, multi-task machining job. My Workshop is also where default shop floor data is set, listing all of your machine’s specifications along with multi-spindle information such as speed, max power, and max torque. By setting your default machines, MachiningCloud can help make more informed choices on tooling data benchmarks by comparing it to manufacturer recommended specifications.

Make Multi-Tasking Jobs Easier with MachiningCloud
For CAD/CAM programmers who’ve been around the block, a pencil and paper might be all that’s necessary, but that’s not going to be the most efficient way to get from point A (figuring out what tools are necessary) to point B (collaborating with a team and executing the job), especially if the job requires multiple tools or workholding systems. By using MachiningCloud for multi-task machining, quickly and efficiently conduct research, selection, virtualization and documentation in one spot, thereby optimizing your CAM programming workflow.

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