Explore Cutting Tool Assemblies by Industry Application for Easier Research

Searching for cutting tools is intuitive in MachiningCloud. Machinists and CAD/CAM programmers will open the app for the first time and find the exact cutting tools they need intuitively and within seconds. Once cutting tool data is digitized, a user’s search will quickly find all of the matching products within each tool’s dataset. Sometimes, users don’t know exactly what cutting tools they need for a job, but do require a broad snapshot of tooling assembly choices that are specifically tailored to their industry.

When users aren’t sure of what cutting tools they’ll need, they can browse MachiningCloud’s growing list of tooling manufacturers efficiently using two options: fill out a job’s details in our Cutting Tool Advisor in order to receive manufacturer recommendations or browse pre-defined tooling assemblies for jobs that require industry specific tooling components, materials, and cutting processes.

In this post, we’ll cover how browsing pre-defined tooling assemblies based on industry need can help save time and broaden a CAM programmer’s selection process.

Fast Research
Browsing tooling assemblies by industry gives users a higher level perspective before zooming into specific components. Instead of researching, selecting and adding each individual tool to an assembly, users can start by browsing common tooling assemblies via industry, material, process, and component. Users can review a turnkey selection of assemblies without the need to dig into the weeds further.

New Insights
As an added benefit, viewing common tooling assemblies for an industry provides users with new insights. There may be better tooling alternatives that can be used or at least serve as a point of reference for a upcoming project. When users deviate from either a manufacturer’s recommendation or an industry preferred tooling choice, they’re forced to consider a justification as to why their own selection is the better option.

Easier Assemblies
Since browsing for tooling assemblies provides a high level view of general product categories, users can focus on product lines which come with pre-defined tooling assemblies for both industry specific process needs and general machining operations. Gathering CAM data can be a tedious process, so curating the most common tooling assemblies by industry makes search and exports lightning fast. This gives users the ability to streamline a job’s workflow, speed through verification, and continue onward with NC programming.

MachiningCloud’s features are constantly expanding. Have an idea? Let us know and we’ll take your input into consideration. Your continued support is important to us. If a cutting tool manufacturer’s catalog is incomplete, missing or out of date, let them know how important it is to you that MachiningCloud is your #1 source for cutting tool information.

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