Up-to-Date 3D Solid Models for Better Stock Management and Simulation

To date, the most widely celebrated features in MachiningCloud will help people find the right tools for a job, not just because it makes searching for a wide array of catalogs faster. We also make it easier to determine what tools will perform the best for your needs. Beyond advanced search filtering, machinists and programmers only need to have an idea of what tools they require before conducting searches. MachiningCloud provides intelligent tool recommendations based on your job’s specifications and the tools that are selected can be exported on their own or as part of an assembly for verification. These two features compliment the search functionality, making both tooling selection and verification easier than ever before.

Stock Management
For many machinists, cutting tool selection is a matter of experience and repetition. After years of using the same cutting tools and assembly configurations, new jobs are completed by going through the motions, retracing whatever steps were taken last time. However, it’s possible that stock varies from order to order. Most often, that means excess material. Stock variation can lead to situations where there’s an increased chance of collision, air cutting, or more wear and tear on your tools. In any case, the job becomes less efficient and process modifications are mandatory.

To reduce wasted time and effort, programmers and machinists put more emphasis on the verification process. The ability to speed through several iterations of tooling research, selection and 3D solid model export for verification with MachiningCloud becomes crucial. The use of accurate 3D solid cutting tool models help reduce waste, improve job times, and cut costs when developing an NC program. Otherwise, unnecessary resources are expended on each round of programming revision.

Tool virtualization and job simulation was once a laborious process for high end shops with expensive stock and little wiggle room for error. Those days are long gone, especially since the simulation software and processes have become more affordable and efficient. For most jobs, especially those that use 2-axis machining or higher, simulation is now the norm.

To make simulation as seamless as possible, we’ve partnered with several industry leading platforms on native integrations. That means when you decide to research, find, select, save, order and finally share your tool or assembly list, you don’t just get quotes from vendors and PDFs for accounting, you also get all the 3D solid models imported into your CAD/CAM or simulation software in just a few clicks.

MachiningCloud helps machinists and programmers “close the loop” on their cutting tool processes. Gone are the days where inventory, catalogs and research were all saved inside the experienced machinist’s brain. Now, everything you need for a job is saved in the cloud, up to date and shareable with anyone else in a click or two. Whenever there’s a variation in stock, job specs change, or a new job comes through the pipeline, MachiningCloud will make each step in the cutting tool process easier and more efficient.

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