5 Common Cutting Tool Problems and Solutions

Manufacturing has become a computerized industry which means it’s never been easier for CAD/CAM Programmers and Manufacturing Engineers to get more done in less time. For CAD/CAM Programmers and Machinists, the old pen, paper, and phone method just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now, let’s say a new job falls into your lap. And the material requirements and specs differ from your normal orders, you:

A. Open a catalog,
B. Call your tool rep,
C. Open the MachiningCloud app and search for tools by material.

When you need to speed through your next job, you can use MachiningCloud for a variety of common shop floor problems. Beyond finding the right tools for a job, simulating a job with different software is probably a good idea, so you can check for collisions too. Then, you might need to consider tool changes and removal rate efficiency before there’s an issue, so you have to load the job into your CAM software to make those changes before handing it off. In these three quick steps, you’ve already cycled through several software suites and that’s not to mention whatever data needs to be entered into Excel, ERP, or MRP for tracking and sharing.

If you want to reduce the steps required for your tool cutting workflow, MachiningCloud can be much more than a reference resource; it’s also for use. Here’s a few cases and points MachiningCloud improves in your everyday workflow:

Problem #1: Time consuming research
This one is the most obvious, and most used feature of the app since time is a huge factor when considering tool research. Before a CNC/CAM programmer even begins, they’ll need to browse a myriad of sources (catalogs, websites, data sheets, etc.) in order to find the best tool for the job.

Finding new tools is time consuming, stalls project progress, and requires experimentation in CAM programming and simulation apps before adopting it, but with MachiningCloud, CNC/CAM programmers quickly find, select, and export either single or multi-branded tooling assemblies for use in virtually any CAM application in seconds. There’s even an easy to use “search by specification” function for researching new tooling options.

Problem #2: Excessive tooling setup times.
Once the proper tooling is found, 3D models need to be combined into an accurate tooling assembly for importing into CAM software. In some cases, tooling assembly and validation might be required in a separate CAD application, prolonging the process. These additional steps are time consuming and reduce productivity, causing more issues down the road.

In MachiningCloud, you can automatically assemble the selected tooling components which provides “ready-to-go” 3D assembly models that are immediately ready for import into CAM applications. All of this tooling data, including 3D & 2D models, utilize actual, up-to-date manufacturer supplied data, providing confidence for both dimensional and performance accuracy. These features improve your productivity by getting the proper tooling imported and ready for programming as soon as possible, so you have more time for testing and experimentation.

Problem #3: Multi-branded tooling assemblies
If an assembly’s components are comprised of disparate files from different brands, problems are much more likely to occur. Finding, building and validating 3D tooling assembly models from multiple sources increases the chances for potential geometry issues, lack of tooling data accuracy, collisions, and more. Luckily, you can easily build multi-branded tooling assemblies instantly, ready for CAM import.

You can have more flexibility in tooling choices and configurations by utilizing the latest manufacturer tooling data to build the most accurate assemblies possible. Accurate tooling assemblies for all component geometry (tool, holder, insert, etc.) provides early due diligence to prevent collisions. Your multi-brand assemblies can be built and validated in one place, saving time and improving the project cycle.

Problem #4: Tooling data standardization

There is no way to ensure that tooling data from one or more sources is complete and capable of working within various CNC/CAM applications. With a mix of file formats, data content, and 3D model inconsistencies to sort through, technology can be a source of unnecessary trouble. But MachiningCloud uses the latest manufacturer data and converts it according to ISO/GTC standards, creating a single, unified, industry approved data format for use in various CNC/CAM platforms.

There’s no longer a need to learn a new CNC language and format in order to build and export a tooling assembly or multiple tool assemblies for a job. You can use MachiningCloud as a central, cloud-based repository to access industry standardized, universally compatible file packages for the most popular CAM apps. Deep datasets gives you the ability to find valuable product data such as depth of cut as well as feeds and speeds recommendations that are editable within the app.

Problem #5: Lack of tool availability awareness
Sometimes, the tools you need aren’t available. Stockouts stall project progress and require additional research and rush orders. But since MachiningCloud is up-to-date with the latest tooling information, real-time availability is listed alongside a tool’s specifications. You can even request a quote to fast track vendor setup, pricing, and acquisition. When tools are out of stock, the tooling data and 2D/3D models are always ready to go for CAM programming without interruption to development, testing, and analysis.

Every day, Programmers and Machinists are expected to produce more in less time. They need the latest cutting tool information, feeds and speeds, 3D Solid Models and stock availability right away, so they use MachiningCloud. If your job involves cutting tools, MachiningCloud will get the job done quickly, easily and seamlessly, so you can find what you need, AND use it.

MachiningCloud is a one-stop, industry-wide resource that gives you the ability to fast-track the process of creating tool assemblies. Our application reduces the time it takes to find, select, and assemble tools by 75% or more, so try MachiningCloud today. It’s easy to get started. 

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