The Best Machining Videos Are Getting Even Better

In 2001, the show How It’s Made premiered on the Discovery Channel. It captured our hearts and imaginations with over 30 seasons and counting. But maybe even better, it started a landslide of maker shows that followed from mainstream TV to Youtube, where we avidly watch some of the best maker infotainment on the web, for free.

Machining videos on Youtube often serve an instructional purpose, but the pleasure of watching machines bend and cut according to an engineer’s will fulfills something deeper in us. People love watching food preparation, restoration work, makeovers, clothes-making, and more. We love watching a skilled artisan practice their craft, refining raw and relatively cheap materials into something useful. Whether that use is to be eaten, or worn, or used as a tool doesn’t matter. It’s about the skill, focus, the process.

This Top 5 Satisfying Factory Machine video really proves how machine-driven processes can just as fascinating to watch as humans. These machines will astound you with what they can do. Definitely be the 15,117,684th human to check this out.

But for all the amazing content out there, there are thousands more machinists who struggle to adequately capture what they do. Well, now that problem is solved.

How to Protect Your Camera Lens when You Are Using Tons of Coolant
All the special effects that Hollywood directors have to artificially reproduce, are real in most machine shops. Machinists use extreme heat, skull crushing mechanical movements, and powerful electrical pulses, every day. Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machinists in particular, use coolant — tons of it. That can make video challenging when the coolant, which you absolutely need to keep that machine from overheating, is splashing like a waterfall all over your new GoPro.

So, if you want to capture a coolant-hungry CNC, what would you do?

The engineers at Tarkka engineered the following fix for their GoPro woes. They machined an air knife to protect the lens of their GoPro from the onslaught of coolant coming from their CNC cutting processes. Nothing like it existed until they created it themselves. Check it out:

Besides making an awesome video of how they made their own solution to a problem that came about purely for our entertainment, they also released the files so that other machinists can make their own air knives too.

Literally, they just hooked up potential competitors with a free tool that can help take them from potential competitor to actual competitor. Even more surprising is the fact that this level of altruism isn’t at all rare in this industry. Machinists are so into what they do, they just want to spread the love.

We look forward to all the amazing close ups that will be possible when other shops recreate this fix.

And finally, some concluding bonus material for making it to the end of this article: CNC fails (2 million views). These are epic must-sees — in all of their gruesome detail. Thanks for reading!

What have you custom made in your shop to solve your problems? Send us your video links so we can check ‘em out.

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