Greatest Machining Fails of 2019 (AKA the best 15 minutes of your life!!)

Nothing quite as refreshing as watching a machine break

CNC machining is a delicate and calculating art. It is also one of the most unforgiving practices in the world. One mistake can cost hours of labor and thousands of dollars.

Which is why every machinist has experienced that horrific moment first-hand when we sit helplessly as the CNC machine that we have poured our hard-earned sweat, time and money into follows our commands to the line, and yet goes totally off the rails.

Like this:

One fraction of an inch is all that lies between us and absolute failure — every second that a CNC machine runs.

We normally know the cause instantly. We were rushing. We were too aggressive. We didn’t calculate heat correctly. Clearly a stronger tool was needed. But no matter what we deduce to be the problem, the shame still bites like Mike Tyson.

Youtube videos, in general, can’t help mitigate shame. Because for some crazy reason every shop on Youtube publishes its best-of moments. Sometimes, you can’t stand to watch the perfection of others, especially after you have so recently failed.

But there are exceptions to this rule, little diamonds in the rough. And we’re going to give them to you. We’ll give you the newest best failures on the web.

Listen to German engineers as they fail at CNC Machining

The world is still in awe of German manufacturing. Germany exports $262 Billion in cars and vehicle parts, $27 Billion in planes, helicopters, and spacecraft. That is about 10% of their total GDP. And German parts are known for being well-engineered.

Well, it’s great to know that German engineers are still imperfect, and now we have proof!

This first video is an 8+ minute compilation of German fails. You don’t need to speak auf deutsch to experience the full emotional palette of engineers as their machines break. Actually, come to think of it, the audio might be the best part!

If you like that but you haven’t seen their initial compilation, then definitely check out their first video too. They did this back in 2017, so consider it bonus footage.

Kudos to Gussepe and the team of machinists that put this hilarious compilation together. It takes a real man to cry, and it takes a true professional to publicize their biggest failures.

Gussepe, if we make fun of you, know that we do so with the same heart that laughs at ourselves!

NYC CNC messes up the introduction to their hilarious bloopers video

The final seven minutes of glory we are giving you this week come straight out of the Big Apple. If they haven’t crossed your radar yet, NYC CNC is on our top list of CNC machinist vloggers. Four months ago they built their own Johnny 5 robot, so at this point they can DO NO WRONG.

But oh yes, they can.

The best thing about this video compilation is the team. Cinematography and editing are topnotch, with slow-motion replays and BLEEPED French, just in case your kid wants to watch with you. Just note, there is a LOT of bleeping, but the video still pulls out a G rating anyway.

Watch for the scene when what looks like plexiglass catches fire. Meanwhile, the machine keeps cutting ornate designs, blind to what is quickly becoming a worthless piece of acrylic.

Hope you enjoyed these CNC Machining Blooper videos! As always, thank you for visiting MachiningCloud. And if you haven’t checked out the MachiningCloud App, definitely take a look. It might not keep you from making your own bloopers during production, but it will help you to spend more time on production and less on tooling!

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