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Tooling for CNC Machines in 2021: Assembly to Purchase

Stop worrying about learning every tool and vendor. In today’s connected world you just need an efficient process to research, assemble, buy, and then send tool data to CAM. We’ll show you how in 10 minutes or less.

Research Tooling for CNC Machines with a Free Web App

Many machinists still use Google to research cutting tools, tool holders, and workholding. Others will jump into a single brand that they work with extensively. But each of these tooling approaches comes with severe limitations.

What you really need is a modern tool, one that has access to a large, multi-brand cnc tooling database. You don’t need knowledge if that tool could search by application, material, and other job-specific factors and then give you manufacturer-recommended feeds and speeds.

With a tool like that, you could always find what the job required very quickly.

That would be us: MachiningCloud!

If you have more than 10 minutes then please look through our website to learn more about our company and our cloud app. But if you are a learn-by-doer the best thing is to start your tool search. It’s completely free, now and forever, so you don’t have anything to lose but the next 9 minutes.

1. Create your free account (not free trial, free for all time)

Literally fill in name, email, country, and how you heard about us. We’d also recommend making sure both boxes are checked at the bottom. One is our user agreement, but the other subscribes to our educational series. This will go in-depth on MachiningCloud’s powerful tooling features. This page is a good introduction, but you’ll want more.

Once you are registered you will be given a temporary password and sent to the MachiningCloud Web App login page.

2. Log in

You know what to do.

3. Learn more about tooling for CNC machines in 5 minutes than you would in an hour of mind-numbing research

We could write all day about solid end mills, where they fall in the grand scheme of CNC Tooling, and the feeds and speeds for various materials… or you could look for yourself.

Now that you’ve logged in there are 2 buttons you need to know.

You can select the Brand Icon at top to change your selected Tool Manufacturer at any time. Push the Brand Icon (Kennametal by default) and here’s the screen you get:

For this example we’re going to use RobbJack, so click the RobbJack icon.

Then select “Search for a tool in the electronic catalogue.”

Here’s your cutting tool 101 right here, or really your RobbJack 101. We can just as easily switch the manufacturer from this screen to see the full range of tools for any manufacturer on MachiningCloud.

You can use this tool library to see what tools you can use for any job, whether it be solid carbide end mills, slitting saws, drills, PCD Diamond tipped routers and drills, or tool holders. 

Now let’s get practical.

Machinists never need to “know” about a tool; they just need to select the right one. The “right tool” depends on many factors, from the Machine and spindle you are using, to the material, to the job requirements. MachiningCloud’s search features help you whittle down the options very quickly.

You want to be aware of the filter tool in the top right corner. For our purposes now we only want tools with 3D images:

4. Select “Yes” 3D Available from the filter dropdown and hit “Apply Filter” (You can also see we’ve selected US manufacturers, but you don’t need to do that if you don’t want.)

5. Select the “Applications” Dropdown.

Now you will see a RobbJack-specific filter menu that you can use to tool your jobs. Not every manufacturer in our database tags its tools by “Application,” but if you are approaching a new job this can help tremendously, and it’s why we chose RobbJack for this tutorial. 

You’ll see an extensive list to choose from. Any one of these filters will adjust the available tool selection in real-time, so you can dynamically figure out what you’ll need. Let’s say we need to do some roughing.

6. Apply the “roughing” filter

Now you can start to see how this would work for you. Apply workpiece filters, cutting conditions, and more options to hone in on the perfect tool for the job at hand. For now just click through til you can select a specific item. 

7. Create a new tool assembly

We ended up selecting Ball End Mills, but if you have something else in mind go ahead and grab what you want. Then hit the “Create a New Tool Assembly.” 

Here’s what we get.

You can see that MachiningCloud can recognize other item types to complete your tool assembly. And once you complete the assembly you will be able to save this to a job, see and play with 3D Rendering, anti-coll, and more!

More than a Database: 3D, Anti-Collision, and Purchase!

As you can see there’s more to this robust toolkit than you can learn in just 10 minutes. But MachiningCloud is so intuitive that it really doesn’t take long to get up and running. We hope you can already see that your Return on Investment for that time would be incredible — whether you are learning about CNC Machining or purchasing tools for your machine shop.

See you on the Cloud!


MachiningCloud is a one-stop, industry-wide resource that gives you the ability to fast-track the process of creating tool assemblies. Our application reduces the time it takes to find, select, and assemble tools by 75% or more, so try MachiningCloud today. It’s easy to get started. 

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