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9 Most Bought Tools on MachiningCloud in 2019

In case you were wondering what your peers are tooling on MachiningCloud App, prepare your curiosity to be satisfied like the hunger that is responsible for 5 lbs of Holiday weight gain.

2019 was a great year for us at MachiningCloud. We helped more users save more time on tooling than in any year prior, by far. The growth is awesome because it means we are really starting to see some trends emerging. That helps us to understand what we’re doing right and what we need to work on. But more importantly, it might also give you some ideas for your tooling in 2020.

OK, here are the 10 most popular tooling items our users are purchasing.

9 Most Popular Tooling Items Bought on MachiningCloud

We’ve included the order number in the description. Find any of these tools on MachiningCloud by selecting the manufacturer and clicking on Quick Search.

Starting with a macro view, there are a couple of trends we would totally expect, and some that you never would have guessed in a million years.

Most common brands were Kennametal, Widia, and Iscar. Most common tool types were toolholding by far, with indexable inserts coming in second place. You can find any of these items easily on MachiningCloud.

  1. Under the home tab select the Tool Manufacturer
  2. Click on Search
  3. Copy and paste the Order number in the Quick Search field

OK, here are the specifics starting with Kennametal.

The most popular Kennametal Tools on MachiningCloud

It’s hard NOT to know Kennametal tools because they do such a good job, and their product catalogue is huge. Here are their most popular tool items on MachiningCloud.

Kennametal 1136746 : WN-DV form B/AD

  • The WN DV Form B/AD is a DV Shank Tool that deploys Kennametal’s Whistle Notch™ adaptor system. Shank size is 50 with DIN form B coolant feature. Whistle Notch with drive. Size 50. Up to 1,500 psi coolant pressure.

Catalog number: DV50BWD50075M

Kennametal 5521075: HydroForce™ Hydraulic Toolholders High Torque (HT)

  • Hydraulic Chuck Trend Line, high torque. Tolerance is .0000/-.0005.

Catalog number: CV40HCTHT075275

Kennametal 5066016: Drill Fix™ DFT™ • HP Inserts

  • High positive chipbreaker geometry preferred on ductile and normal chipping materials.

Catalog number: DFT06T308HP

The most popular Widia Tools on MachiningCloud

The second most used brand on MachiningCloud, Widia is the go-to for inserts and hole-making. Their most common items are designed for the common applications and general purpose, as you might expect.

Widia 5545063: Inserts • VSM11™ • XDPT-MM

  • MM is a medium- to heavy-machining geometry and is the first choice for general purpose and universal applications.

Widia 2750210: Series 5301 • Machine Screw and Fractional Sizes • Plug Chamfer

  • For Through Holes in General Machining Applications
  • GUN taps for 3B class of fit are suitable for UNJ aerospace internal threading applications.
  • Uncoated

Widia 6596439: VXF™-12 • XDPT-MM

  • First choice for Soft Steel, Stainless Steel, and High-Temp Alloys.
  • Best fit for pocketing and profiling operations.

The most popular Iscar Tools on MachiningCloud

Iscar is the third most common brand on MachiningCloud
Iscar 4561150: HSK A-ER – DIN6499 ER Collet Chucks with HSK DIN69893 Form A
Tapered Shanks

  • A cooling tube must be used with all coolant through HSK spindles (should be ordered separately).

Iscar 4559353: HSK A-HYDRO

  • Hydraulic Chucks with HSK DIN69893 Form A Tapered Shanks

Iscar 4510470: CAT-FC-ER

  • ER collet chucks with Caterpillar face contact AD tapered shanks.

What are your thoughts on why toolholding is by far the biggest category on MachiningCloud?
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