MachiningCloud’s cloud-based software is easy to use. It includes access to manufacturers’ product data and a large library of product knowledge.

Powerful search

Selecting the right cutting tool has never been easier. Browse the manufacturers’ catalogs to quickly find the right tool and use filters to narrow your results. MachiningCloud provides the most up to date data for your tooling choices. Finding the right tool is faster and easier than traditional methods – websites, paper catalogs and telephone calls; which are now obsolete.


Using manufacturer-supplied product data, assembling the right combination of tool components , with one manufacturer or multiple manufacturers in one complete assembly–cutting tools, adapters, holders, inserts, etc. – is much faster and simpler.

Data gathering

Using cutting tool manufacturer’s expert advice on the most suitable information for your tools, workholding, speeds and feeds. Download 3D models and 2D drawings, improving programming accuracy and minimizing collision of equipment on your shop floor.


MachiningCloud has a simple and easy to use interface. It helps to  integrate with  software applications, allowing users to manage, share and store tooling packages. You can create and store jobs on the cloud and output job reports to PDF and Excel. MachiningCloud streamlines workflows for managing, sharing and storing tooling packages. 

Data exchange

MachiningCloud provides you with access to manufacturer’s digital product data in an ISO standard format that powers your CAM, Simulation software, allowing you to see 3D CAD models and descriptive data, as well as manufacturing drawings to support your tooling package and machining process. Your new online tooling package is securely saved on MachiningCloud and can be shared with other users within your company at any time, removing the hassle of having to email files or use cloud-based storage accounts that don’t offer the same level of security.


MachiningCloud provides users the ability to order products directly from website, from our wide range of top industry tooling manufacturer’s. Start shopping today.

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