Direct Access to Rich Product Data for Today’s Digital Shop

MachiningCloud is an independent provider of CNC cutting tool and workholding product data.

A single source of access to the most current product data from a wide variety of suppliers, in digital format, available from your desktop.

Beyond serving up complete and deep product data, MachiningCloud provides an integrated toolset so you can put the data to work, right on the spot – with speed and ease never before possible.

The MachiningCloud community is growing exponentially each month as users discover the time and efficiency gains that are possible.

MachiningCloud provides a single source of access to product data from the leading manufacturers of cutting tools that is complete and always up-to-date.

By connecting cutting tool manufacturers with their end users, the MachiningCloud significantly reduces the frustration and time associated with finding, selecting and determining the best use of these tooling products.

Through the MachiningCloud, cutting tool manufacturers’ descriptive usage and geometric information, and application knowledge is readily available to power CAM systems, simulation and tool management software, cutting tool presetters, machine tools and other shop equipment.