MachiningCloud fast-tracks your shop’s entire workflow. With easy access to manufacturers’ product data and application knowledge, you can power-up your digital shop in ways never before possible.

MachiningCloud is an independent provider of CNC cutting tool and workholding product data.

A single source of access to the most current product data from a wide variety of suppliers, in digital format, available from your desktop.

Beyond serving up complete and deep product data, MachiningCloud provides an integrated toolset so you can put the data to work, right on the spot – with speed and ease never before possible.

The MachiningCloud community is growing exponentially each month as users discover the time and efficiency gains that are possible.

MachiningCloud provides a single source of access to product data from the leading manufacturers of cutting tools that is complete and always up-to-date.

By connecting cutting tool manufacturers with their end users, the MachiningCloud significantly reduces the frustration and time associated with finding, selecting and determining the best use of these tooling products.

Through the MachiningCloud, cutting tool manufacturers’ descriptive usage and geometric information, and application knowledge is readily available to power CAM systems, simulation and tool management software, cutting tool presetters, machine tools and other shop equipment.

FIND the products you need, fast.

  • One industry-wide destination to find the cutting tool and workholding products you need. Searching is up to 75% faster.
  • Always up-to-date, complete and accurate product data, including local and global availability.
  • Advisor gives you access to suppliers’ expert advice on the best tools and process sequence matched to your job requirements, machining environment and user preferences.
  • On-demand, anytime, anywhere access from your desktop or tablet.

Tool Selector: Quickly search for cutting tool items by browsing the manufacturers’ native product while narrowing your results using dynamic filters.

Benefits: Finding the right cutting tool is up to 75% faster and easier than traditional methods – websites, paper catalogs, and telephone calls – while also providing the latest, most productive tooling choices.

Tool Configurator: Advanced fits-with and see-through technology narrowing down your choices to those components that work well together.

Benefits: Assembling the optimum combination of tool components – bodies, adapters, holders, insert, etc. – is significantly faster and easier.

Tool Advisor: Your cutting tool manufacturer’s expert advice on the most suitable tools and processes for your workpieces and machines.

Benefits: Finding the latest technology from among the millions of possible choices is now faster and easier thanks to the cutting tool and process knowledge available in the Cloud.

Generate 3D models: Build assemblies in a matter of minutes using manufacturer-supplied product data.

Benefits: Download 3D models and 2D drawings, improving programming accuracy and minimizing collision of equipment on your shop floor.

Export Data: Seamlessly transfer tooling data to your CAM system and tool management and simulation software.

Benefits: Convenience and accuracy that will trim hours or days from your workflow process.

Collaboration: Share jobs, tools and machines among your co-workers.

Benefits: Assures each team member has access to the latest tooling packages for your jobs.

BUILD assemblies in a fraction of the time.

  • Configurator recommends products with best fit and functionality for your job. Makes assembling the optimum combination (bodies, adapters, holders, inserts, etc.) faster and more accurate.
  • View configured assemblies in 2D and 3D. 360 degrees visibility of your new assembly allows you to clearly see fit and function.  Eliminates potential production pitfalls.
  • Transfer 3D CAD models and descriptive data to your CAM and simulation software. Convenience and accuracy that will trim hours or days from your workflow process.

Productivity TOOLKIT speeds workflow.

  • Job management – create, store and share jobs right from MachiningCloud – safely and securely.
  • Tool lists can be downloaded as standard reports. Import into ERP, MES or other software applications as desired.
  • Price and Availability, quoting and purchasing functions accelerates art-to-part timeline.
  • Neutral, universal platform open to the entire international machining community.

Reporting: Job reports output to PDF and Excel; Bill-of-Material include 3D tool drawings, spare parts, callouts, descriptive and usage data.

Benefits: Clear documentation of your tooling package.

Job Manager: Your tooling packages are securely saved on MachiningCloud for future reference and use; share and collaborate with your entire team; anywhere/anytime access from your desktop or tablet.

Benefits: Smoother workflows for managing and sharing your tooling packages. Easy access for purchasing, programming, inventory, pre-setting, and machining.

Speeds & Feeds: Easy access to manufacturer-recommended speeds & feeds.

Benefits: Eliminates manual method of figuring out speeds & feeds, saving time!

ISOPlus: Standard, utilizing ISO13399, STEP, GTC, DIN4000 and MTConnect.

Benefits: Direct access to manufacturer’s digital product data – including descriptive, usage and geometric.

DOWNLOAD product data right to your job.

  • Direct access to manufacturer’s digital product data – including descriptive, usage and geometric. ISO standard data to power your CAM, Simulation, and Tool Management software.

  • Easy access to manufacturer – recommended speeds and feeds ensures optimization with your CNC. Generate 3D models and 2D drawings.