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What is MachiningCloud?

MachiningCloud is an independent provider of CNC cutting tool and workholding product data. A single source of access to the most current product data from a wide variety of suppliers, in digital format, available from your desktop.

How can MachiningCloud benefit me?

In addition to offering direct access to tool and workholding product manufacturers’ catalogs, MachiningCloud provides advanced features such as 1) tool recommendations; 2) building tool assemblies; 3) feeds and speeds; 4) report generation; 5) downloads of 3D models and 2D drawings, and many other features that will quickly become essential to your everyday work process.

Where does MachiningCloud acquire its tooling data?

MachiningCloud provides the most up-to-date information, directly obtained from the manufacturers. The data is formatted very closely to each manufacturer’s catalog system so it is familiar to users.

How can I use the data exported from MachiningCloud?

Data exported from MachiningCloud follows an ISO Plus format which is based on the international standard ISO-13399. It is open and accessible to anyone and any software.

What is ISO Plus?

ISO Plus – GTC, DIN4000, ISO 13399, MT Connect, STEP 3D, DXF 2D – is the combination of industry standards chosen by MachiningCloud to effectively solve the problem of sharing cutting tool data among different software applications.

Can MachiningCloud be used by my entire team to collaborate on projects?

MachiningCloud allows users to create workgroups to encourage collaboration on projects. Work can easily be shared so multiple team members may access, work, and use it.

How do I use MachiningCloud?

MachiningCloud is a cloud-based software, so it can be instantly installed on your desktop computer or tablet. All your information is always available on any device upon logging into your account.

How can I find my favorite tooling brand on MachiningCloud?

We are actively encouraging other brands to move forward with the technical collaboration necessary to publish their brand on the MachiningCloud. We also encourage you to contact your tool supplier – an email, telephone call or face-to-face meeting with your tooling sales rep would help as well.

Security of data in the cloud always is a concern. What steps or features are in place to alleviate cybersecurity worries?

We utilize industry best practices for the protection of our users’ confidential information.  We conform to the rigorous standards set forward by the payment card industry, PCI DSS and our cloud servers are hosted in an ISO 27001 certified data center.

The software installers and application files are signed with highly secure digital signatures to preserve their identity. We transmit a very limited amount of confidential information that may include names, addresses and MachiningCloud passwords.  This data is transmitted using HTTPS protocols to cloud server that utilize up-to-date SSL certificates along with strong (TLS) protocols and encryption algorithms.

MachiningCloud is a private cloud-hosted on dedicated devices, utilizing firewalls to protect against unauthorized access and PCI DSS third-party security monitoring services. All data is stored on internally facing database servers, and all servers are patched on regular basis against known vulnerabilities.  Regular code reviews are done to locate and remediate any application security vulnerabilities, and several additional monitoring systems are set up to proactively monitor the application and its infrastructure.

Finally, the MachiningCloud data center includes extensive physical security that includes, but not only: perimeter access monitors and alarms, security cameras, fire and water sensors, alternate power generation equipment, and redundant network access.

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