Industry 4.0

The Future of Cutting Tools in Industry 4.0 — Now Available!

MachiningCloud delivers cutting tool manufacturers’ product knowledge and data directly to your desktop, fast-tracking your cutting tool selection, CNC programming, simulation and shop floor operations.

The MachiningCloud application provides up-to-date cutting tool product data from the world’s leading suppliers ― eliminating the hassles of manually searching through printed catalogs, telephone calls and multiple websites to find optimal tooling, while also removing the burden of manually typing tooling data into your CAD/CAM software.

Bridging the gap between physical cutting tools and digital software, MachiningCloud embodies the latest Industry 4.0 principles:

Interoperability: search, select, and share cutting tools for your jobs; build assemblies and export the tooling data to your CAD/CAM, ERP and other shop software.

Virtualization: cutting tool product data that includes 2D drawings and 3D models of both items and assemblies, complete descriptive data for your CAD/CAM, and cutting speeds and feeds for your CNC machines.

Decentralization: the manufacturers’ product knowledge is on the cloud, taking the guesswork out of your decision-making. CAD/CAM programmers still make the ultimate decision, but the manufacturers’ recommendations are immediately available to them.

Real-Time Capability: the cutting tool product data is always up-to-date because it is stored on the cloud and available to everyone, including global and local stock availability, resulting in optimal tooling choices.

Service Orientation: simple installation and low cost operation with all hosting services, databases, servers and catalogs provided as a cloud service. Register online and immediately access the benefits of MachiningCloud.

Modularity: flexible enough to fit into your workflow for engineering, purchasing and operations with workgroups on the cloud, or download product data for individual items or entire catalogs for use in your local software.

Simple Steps to Save Time & Increase Accuracy — available at your fingertips!

Select your tools
Build your assemblies
Verify stock availability
Obtain speed & feed recommendations
Download the data
Collaborate with your team