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CNC Fail Videos Compilation: Summer 2019

You have to admit, a great CNC Fail video is a lot like a great movie. First, the stage is set, and we see the hero (AKA cutting tool) addressing a coming challenge. Then, as in so many great movies, it all goes wrong.

So for our seasonal Best of CNC Fails compilation this summer, we thought we would give justice to this emerging subgenre by comparing CNC fail videos to actual movie plots.

Enjoy with popcorn and your beverage of choice.

13 CNC Fails: Summer 2019

Psychological Thriller
Psychological thrillers are all about the setup. You are introduced to a relatively normal world. It feels real, possibly even warm and comforting. You might even think you were just watching a run-of-the-mill shop video. But then one brutal turning point puts the main character (cutting tool) into a craze, and he/she destroys everything in his/her cutting path. This video makes you think it’s just business as usual. There’s nothing special about that last path. But our hero breaks nonetheless, and in a big way.

2001, A Space Odyssey
because no one knows what’s happening until a spaceship goes off the rails.

The Matrix
Everyone falls the first time, even The One.

Nuclear Holocaust
The cutting tool moves toward the center of the map, and when it arrives the world explodes…

Meteor on a Zipline to Earth
Sometimes the plot moves in a straight, very predictable line toward the end. You almost wonder why they don’t see it for themselves…

Then there’s a definite twist as the main character (cutting tool) makes one last try at salvation.

This might even seem to work… until it just doesn’t.

To Think We Could Cut Metal
In cult classics like Army of Darkness and Shaun of the Dead, the hero is just a normal dude in the middle of someone else’s fantasy, which makes every task at hand seem absurd, whether it be to cut off the head of a levitating, undead witch or to actually cut through pure metal.

What Is Happening?
Some things you look at and you don’t even know what to call them.

Something Missing
Movies like The Wicker Man are glimpses of sometimes-real societies with strange, horrific rules involving human sacrifice. Here, they sacrificed one of the cutting tools before trying to use it. At least now we know why these societies are uncommon.

Dumb Robot
Zoolander might not be considered a horror movie, per se, but you have to admit, he and Hansel are just reacting to the forces around them without thought or any impact.

Troubleshooting 3 Problems at Once
Event Horizon is in a league of its own. The movie is about a spaceship, but the spaceship is possessed by the devil. Does it count as sci fi, ghost and paranormal, haunted house, or demonic? Whatever you call it though, the problem isn’t about the cutting tool, or the workholding. It’s in the block itself.

Infinite Chip Rate
When you boil down Star Trek: Generations to its essence, you’re left with a ribbon gone completely out of control. You know you’re in trouble when you could stick your chip to a Christmas present.

Great cutting path. Poor exit strategy.
Just like the end of Braveheart.

Too Much Heat
“Heat” with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro: starts off slow…

But eventually things get pretty tense

Then the heat does come around the corner…

Final Credits
Kudos to Net Fail for putting this awesome compilation together.

If you have CNC Fail videos or want to share your process or shop, definitely share them with us.


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