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Pimpel GmbH Partners with MachiningCloud GmbH

Pimpel GmbH, publisher of CHECKitB4 CNC setup, verification and simulation software, has partnered with Machining Cloud GmbH to provide their users direct access to the up-to-date cutting-tool product data available on the cloud thereby boosting the efficiency and accuracy of the CHECKitB4 solutions.

Machining Cloud’s mission is to provide the manufacturing community with a single-source of access to complete and up-to-date product data from leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools and more.  By connecting these manufacturers with their end users, the Machining Cloud significantly reduces the frustration and time associated with finding, selecting and determining the best use of these products.  Using the Machining Cloud tablet and desktop apps users have access to a rich set of software features including selector, configurator, advisor, job management, reporting and commerce.  Through the Machining Cloud the manufacturer’s descriptive, usage and geometric information and application knowledge is readily available for users to power their CAM systems, tool-management software, cutting-tool presetters, machine tools and other data-hungry shop equipment.

“Collaborating with Machining Cloud is in line with our mission to embrace modern solutions that help our customers make the most of the technology at their disposal,” says Karl Stadler, Product Development Manager at Pimpel.

CHECKitB4 FIRST STEP provides the exact answers to essential first questions: Which machine, which work piece setup, which tools? Miscalculations, material and time waste can be avoided.  CHECKitB4 GIANT LEAP is the bridging from theory to reality.  It helps the user to verify NC code based on the machine controller. CHECKitB4 guarantees a continuous manufacturing process chain and creates a trouble-free transition from the virtual to the real world!

“Pimpel is all about offering solutions that really work, and there is no better solution than providing the most accurate data possible before a job is even started,” says Michael Taesch, cloud evangelist for Machining Cloud GmbH.

About Pimpel
The enterprise was founded in 1996 by Friedrich Pimpel. Currently more than 500 successful customers profit from the company’s persistent focus on IT and manufacturing technology. Their slogan is « get the work flow, » a concept they take to manufacturing enterprises as they develop efficient and modern solutions together with customers.

Due to many years of experience in the sectors of software and production, they are able to offer customized, practically-oriented solutions and even the most complex post processors for all CNC-controls. For more information about Pimpel, visit www.pimpel.eu.

About Machining Cloud GmbH
Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, Machining Cloud GmbH is committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by providing a platform to help manufacturers retrieve the applications, resources, services and information vital to maximizing efficiency and increasing productivity.

Machining Cloud GmbH works with the world’s best and largest providers of manufacturing equipment to offer an unprecedented amount of resources within a unified system geared at making the lives of manufacturers easier than ever before. For more information about Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing, visit www.machiningcloud.com.

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