Save Up to 50% on Your Tools

The Esprit MachiningCloud partnership allows ESPRIT users to easily transfer tool assemblies from MachiningCloud to ESPRIT via the Export function. An entire tooling job can be exported from the cloud and that tool data brought directly into their CAM software to create an accurate virtual replica of a complete tool list. When a tool list is exported from MachiningCloud, complete data for every tool assembly (not only the tool but the entire tool assembly with all the necessary components) is downloaded to your computer. That information is then integrated with the CAM system to develop toolpaths. Exporting tool assemblies from MachiningCloud eliminates the redundant manual entry of data in ESPRIT or any other MachiningCloud partner. Upon import into ESPRIT, the entire tool list and its data is instantly added to the software’s tool manager. The only task for the CNC programmer is to assign tool stations and tool shifts on the machine tool. All other dimensional tool data is accurately loaded in the system. Read more about how connecting your CAM system directly to digital tool data is a smart step towards making your programming environment faster and more reliable. Download our white paper "Transforming Digital Tooling Data into Program-Ready Data". https://youtu.be/_WwnSYQP9VU?list=PLYfz_BBrcZh8KWpbBfI14zOuI1UQWWsTa https://youtu.be/QsK4p0kIb0w?list=PLYfz_BBrcZh8KWpbBfI14zOuI1UQWWsTa