Why Anthony Machine Uses MachiningCloud

Anthony Machine has served the manufacturing industry since 1946. They are AS9100 certified and specialize in Oil & Gas, Automotive, Food, and Mining. Adapting new technologies, streamlining processes and rigorous quality control procedures have helped this precision machining company create loyal customers for over 70 years. And, they were an early adopter of MachiningCloud.

The MachiningCloud Solution
One of their manufacturing technologists, Daniel Goller, learned about MachiningCloud a couple years ago. When we asked him about his initial experience in using the app, he said, “Learning how to use MachiningCloud was simple.” What took a little more time was, “learning what MachiningCloud could do, compared to our previous tooling selection processes that were much more difficult and time-consuming,” that convinced Daniel that MachiningCloud offers more than what meets the eye.

“It’s hard to recall how much time I spent browsing catalogs before. I’ve saved at least 60% of the time I used to spend in the cutting tool selection process; not just because of the ease, but because tool application became much more reliable with better cutting data. And, I’m more certain that my assembly will fit together.”

Besides obtaining leading manufacturers’ digital product catalogs, Daniel has been syncing with Kennametal’s ToolBOSS, a tool management system, to see if a part is in his stock. He’s eliminated the accidental double orders. When Daniel received a new material in the past, he just ordered more inserts since the local inventory information data wasn’t readily available. Now, he doesn’t worry about double orders when he uses MachiningCloud for tool selection.

Another benefit he mentioned MachiningCloud provided is being able to obtain the manufacturer-recommended speeds and feeds. Besides saving time all around, “MachiningCloud increases tool life and profitability when tools are used within intended parameters.”

    J’ai constaté un gain de temps d’au moins 60% pour la sélection des outils. Non seulement grâce à la facilité d’utilisation, mais surtout grâce à des données beaucoup plus fiables. Au final, je suis certain que mon assemblage est correct.

    Daniel Goller, Technicien de fabrication, Anthony Machine

The Challenge and the Outcome
The company fosters creativity and DIY efforts in order to keep innovating. Daniel and his team recently installed flat screen dashboards around the shop, so that they can see the status of their job with a quick glance. Efficiency is always top-of-mind, so Daniel uses MachiningCloud’s 3D CAD Models in his CNC program simulations, which allows him to dry-run a job before the cutting tool even arrives in-house.

Pearls of Wisdom
“I don’t think of myself as an expert in one sort of machining because being a machining expert means you can machine anything. I do know that whatever it is that I am machining, I want to make it good and to be proud of it.

If you want to improve the time it takes to order, use MachiningCloud.
If you want to cut down on cycle times, use MachiningCloud.
If you have a new material, see if inserts you already have will work with MachiningCloud.
Anything from cut data, to 3D models, to fitted tool assemblies, to tool libraries, MachiningCloud is the incredibly powerful software that makes all this possible.”

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