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Getting Started

Getting Started – Part 1

This video will introduce you to the MachiningCloud interface. After viewing this video you should continue to Getting Started – Part 2

Getting Started – Part 2

This video will teach you how to “search tools” and how to “download a 3D model”.

MachiningCloud Features


How to Search Tools

This video will show you how to navigate through the electronic catalog in the MachiningCloud, and how to use filters to narrow your search. This feature will help you find the right cutting tool for your job quickly.

How to Order Tools

This short video will show you how to order a tool and/or how to request a quote from specific tool manufacturers.

Feeds & Speeds

This video demonstrates how you can easily access manufacturer-recommended feeds & speeds through the MachiningCloud App.

How to use Workgroup

This 2 minute video will show you how to use the Workgroup feature. Collaborate with your team by sharing jobs, tools, and machines with this feature.

How to use Quick Search

This video will show you how to quickly find the right tool for your job by using the quick search feature, particularly when you only know part of the tool name or catalog number.

How to Generate Reports

This video will show you how to generate reports in MachiningCloud. This feature allows you to summarize your job information into a report.

How to Check Tool Availability

This video will show you how to check for tool availability. You can obtain real-time information on what tools are in stock, locally and globally, from the tool manufacturers.

Expert Manufacturer Advice

This video will show you how to use the tool advisor to find the right combination of tools for your specific use, as recommended by your selected cutting tool manufacturer.

Tool Assembly

This video will show you how to quickly build and modify a tool assembly. With the dynamic 3D viewer, you can see your tool as it’s being built. Assembling the optimum combination of tool components is significantly faster and easier.

Building Multi-Brand Assemblies

This video will show you how to build assemblies using multiple cutting tool brands.

Inventory Feature

This video will show you how to use the Inventory feature. Learn how to easily and quickly build assemblies with items available on your shop floor.

Connectivity Through the Cloud

AMT’s interview with MachiningCloud.

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