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TDM Systems GmbH Partners with MachiningCloud GmbH

Data management software producer TDM Systems GmbH has partnered with Machining Cloud GmbH to facilitate the flow of data from cutting-tool manufacturers to customers and their shop floors.

The cloud-computing technology that has dramatically changed the shape of industries such as music, television, news, social networking and many others is now materializing in the metalworking market with Machining Cloud.

“Our industry is hungry for a solution to facilitate the flow of data — descriptive, usage and geometric information, and knowledge — from the cutting tool manufacturers to their customers and their shop floor,” says Chuck Mathews, cloud evangelist. “The work we are doing together with the world’s leading cutting tool producers,  publishing their data onto the Machining Cloud, will result in an open, standardized channel  to which CNC machines and other data-hungry shop equipment and software apps may easily connect, feeding the solution and creating significant value and time savings.”

This partnership ensures that customers of TDM Systems will have access to the cutting- tool manufacturer’s complete library of up-to-date data, increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of its tool and process-management systems.

Upon completion of its Cloud Interface, TDM will be able to offer  its customers four key benefits realized through this partnership:  Initial cutting-tool data import to save time for new customers who need to download data for a number of cutting-tool items to initially populate their TDM database; Periodic data updates to verify that the customer has the latest cutting-tool data for a given item; Cutting-tool application data from the Machining Cloud offers the cutting-tool manufacturer’s latest recommendations on the cutting speeds and conditions for a given cutting tool assembly in a given material; and New tool search, allowing the end user to search the entire manufacturer’s catalog for new tools not presently in inventory.

“Our partnership with Machining Cloud will make it much easier for our customers to find the kind of information needed to machine with greater accuracy,” says Peter Schneck, managing director of TDM Systems.

TDM Systems offers a comprehensive suite of applications for the metal cutting industry, including tooling, tool-calibration, fixtures, multiple-plant management and more. Its participation on Machining Cloud delivers more seamless standardization to its customers.

“Machining Cloud and TDM Systems bring superior process planning to the marketplace by making vital tooling information easily accessible,” says Michael Taesch, cloud evangelist for Machining Cloud GmbH. “Those who use TDM applications will be able to better maximize the tools already at their disposal.”

About TDM Systems
Since 1987, TDM Systems has been in the business of making data management software for tools and production resources. Today´s 4th product generation is in use the world over.

TDM Systems is the Sandvik Machining Solutions’ pivotal Know-How Center for Tool Data Management. Our products are based on the concrete know-how of actual tool manufacturers. Acting on this experience and working closely with the customer, we tailor our TDM-System software solutions directly to the needs of the user.

Our structure is customer-oriented, and that´s an important factor in our success. The main areas of TDM Systems are Development, Sales, Projects, Documentation, Consultancy and Support. Short lines of communication and decision let us innovate while maintaining flexible project management.

About Machining Cloud GmbH
Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, Machining Cloud GmbH is committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by providing a platform to help manufacturers retrieve the applications, resources, services and information vital to maximizing efficiency and increasing productivity.

Machining Cloud GmbH is funded by leading computer software development and manufacturing technology companies. It works with the world’s best and largest providers of manufacturing equipment to offer an unprecedented amount of resources within a unified system geared at making the lives of manufacturers easier than ever before. For more information about Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing, visit www.machiningcloud.com.

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