Tungaloy and MachiningCloud jointly announce their partnership to provide Tungaloy product data on the Cloud. Tungaloy is a manufacturer of a diverse range of products, including metal cutting tools, such as indexable inserts and steel products. MachiningCloud is a product data provider for cutting tools, CNC machines and workholding.

The Tungaloy MachiningCloud partnership will utilize the convenience of cloud-based technology, which will enable customers to optimize the way they gather information for their manufacturing operations by effortlessly searching for the proper cutting tool that best fits their cutting conditions without having to search through catalogs or multiple websites.

Furthermore, Tungaloy customers will be able to increase productivity and achieve greater accuracy by easily downloading descriptive, usage and geometric information directly into their shop floor software, such as CAM, simulation, and tool management systems.

“As a leader in Innovation and Technology, Tungaloy is committed to providing the leading-edge metalworking tools and solutions to our customers. We are completely confident that this exciting new partnership with MachiningCloud will help heighten our customers’ competitiveness in a world eager to embrace Industry 4.0 technology – by delivering the best tooling solutions right from Tungaloy’s knowledge base to our customer’s desktop or tablet”, says Satoshi Kinoshita, President & CEO of Tungaloy Corporation.

“We are excited about our partnership with Tungaloy”, says Pierre-Francois Tavard, Senior Product Manager of MachiningCloud. “Tungaloy customers will save a tremendous amount of time and experience improved results by working with up-to-date knowledge and data. MachiningCloud will also help reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry”.


About Tungaloy
Tungaloy, member of the IMC Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering products.

Headquartered in Japan, Tungaloy provides products to their customers all over the world in automobile, construction, aerospace, medical, power generation, infrastructure, and heavy industries. Continuous improvement of production technologies, combined with large investments in research and development, allows Tungaloy to offer high-quality products that help manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries increase their productivity.

Since its inception in 1929 when it was Japan’s first company to develop cemented carbide, Tungaloy has had a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products. The diverse range of products, including metal cutting tools, such as indexable inserts and steel products, wear resistant tools, civil engineering tools, and friction materials, are all based upon Tungaloy’s expertise in powder metallurgy. For more information, visit www.tungaloy.com

About MachiningCloud
MachiningCloud is dedicated to leading a digital shift within the discrete manufacturing industry to deliver a new level of operational efficiency. Cloud-based applications, resources, services, knowledge, and digital product data from the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools, workholding and specialty products are providing efficiency improvements by facilitating the flow of data to and from today’s data intensive shop-floor.

For cutting tool manufacturers and their customers, the MachiningCloud app is an Industry 4.0 solution delivering up-to-date cutting tool manufacturers’ product knowledge and data, fast-tracking cutting tool selection, CNC programming, simulation and shop floor operations. By providing data from the world’s leading suppliers, MachiningCloud eliminates the hassles of searching through printed catalogs, telephone calls and multiple websites to find optimal tooling, while also removing the burden of manually typing tooling data into CAD/CAM software.

For more information about MachiningCloud, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions, please visit www.machiningcloud.com.