MachiningCloud Vision

Product Data Content Provider for the Digital Shop Fueling Your Data-Hungry CNC Shop Software and Equipment

Some years back our founders observed that the machining industry still relied on print catalog methods for distributing cutting tool product information.

In a world eager to embrace Industry 4.0 technologies, efficient access to digital product data is essential to empowering software and machine systems.

They set to work on a solution that would serve the global machining industry.

Today, MachiningCloud is an independent provider of product data content from the world’s leading suppliers. We deliver what users are clamoring for – instant access to the most current data, delivered right to their desktop.

Beyond rich product data, we integrated a high power toolset that gives users the ability to put the data to work right on the spot –  elevating their workflow to a new level of efficiency and precision.

The MachiningCloud community is growing exponentially each month as new partners come online. We continually encourage leading brands worldwide to publish their product data on the MachiningCloud. If you don’t see your favorite cutting tool brand in our library yet, we encourage you to contact your tool supplier to join the MachiningCloud.

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