DMG MORI CNC machine tool product data is now available on MachiningCloud. The files are in 3DLive™ format and contain simplified 3D models of the machine tool along with the machine’s kinematics making them ready for use in your CAM and simulation software. For this initial release, 3DLive™ product data is available for the following machines: VF-2, VF-2SS, VF-3, VF-3SS,VF-4, VF-4SS, VF-5/40, VF-5SS, VF-6/40, VF-6SS, VF-7/40,UMC-750, UMC-750SS, Mini Mill, Super Mini Mill, Mini Mill 2, Super Mini Mill 2, Mini Mill-EDU, VM-2, VM-6, EC400, ST-20Y, DS-30Y. Read more here.