Save Up to 50% on Your Tools

Over 2,000 tool holders can be found on the Cloud. Lyndex-Nikken is a manufacturer of toolholders, rotary tables, right angle heads, live and static tools. The Lyndex-Nikken MachiningCloud partnership utilizes the convenience of cloud-based technology, which enables customers to optimize the way they gather information for their manufacturing operations by effortlessly searching for the proper cutting tool that best fits their cutting conditions without having to search through catalogs or multiple websites. Lyndex and Nikken represent the best of both sides of the manufacturing industry: extreme quality and advanced technology. While Lyndex-Nikken has a long history of success, its roots come from two different companies. Lyndex Corporation set the standard for quality toolholding and the product line has vastly evolved. Nikken Kosakusho Works, Ltd. was established in Japan a half century ago and has a rock-solid reputation as the number one manufacturer of toolholders and machine tool accessories. For more information, visit www.lyndexnikken.com