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Industry 4.0, IoT, Digital Transformation. . .the digital world is advancing at amazing speeds — and it is all connected to the Cloud. We have seen so much progress and have seen our partners embrace the digital transformation in manufacturing. New ways of connecting people, data, and processes have created value for customers.

We thank you for being a valuable partner, and we want to continue to engage your customers and lead them to finding your product data on the Cloud!

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Be sure to use the following link when placing the badge on your site: https://www.machiningcloud.com/get-started

This link will enable your customers to register for  MachiningCloud, leading them to your cutting tool product data.

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Marketing Tips & Suggestions for Badge Usage


Place badge against a solid field of color in a consistent element of your site like  the header or footer.  Leave 20 pixels of clearance space on all sides.


Place badge against a solid field of color at a minimum of 1.5” (38mm) width.  Leave .25” (6mm) clearance on all sides.

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If you require print or reversed versions, please contact marketing@machiningcloud.com.

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