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TDM Systems is the leading manufacturer of software for managing tool data in the field of machining and offers solutions and services for the entire tool data lifecycle. With a wide offer that covers numerous interfaces, TDM Systems contributes to optimized planning and provisioning of cutting tools and has an international customer base in many manufacturing industries. Creating and editing tool data and graphics, integrating tool expertise into CAM-planning and organizing the complete tool circulation are the core competencies of TDM Systems and are the pillars of comprehensive Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM). The IT strategy of TDM Systems encompasses the organization of production resources at every stage – from tool use simulation and order preparation all the way to production on the shop floor as well as tool storage and maintenance. As the central link between ERP, PLM, and MES, TDM's TLM-software ensures smooth communication between planning and production systems. TDM Systems' success is built on its 25-year history. TDM Systems played a pioneering role by developing the first Tool Data Management software and expanded the system to a comprehensive solution that now also integrates approaches to cloud computing and mobile solutions. TDM Systems has a presence in all major international markets and has an extensive network of partners, through which TDM Systems is in direct contact with its customers and offers high-quality customer service internationally. As competence center within the Sandvik Group, we rely on the expertise of leading tool manufacturers. www.tdmsystems.com