The feature I use most by far is exporting tool geometries into ESPRIT. I also use it to check tool dimensions to ensure that my libraries are up to date. Otherwise, generating tool geometries is difficult, and very easy to mess up.

Ben Strobel, Chief Machinist, Terps Racing, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

If I am building a job for instance, and I have a pretty specialized tool, I save it on the cloud. Then six months from now when I need to go find an insert screw or whatever, I can just pull it up, and get it ordered.

Tim Tilson, CNC Lathe MA Lead, Automatic Products, Inc.

Instead of using a catalog or old model, we can always depend on MachiningCloud to have the most up to date 3D models from our cutting tool vendor.

Don Lahr, CNC Programmer, Ultra Machining Company

I’ve saved at least 60% of the time I use to spend in the cutting tool selection process; not just because of the ease, but because tool application became much more reliable with better cutting data. And, I’m more certain that my assembly will fit together.

Daniel Goller, Manufacturing Technologist, Anthony Machine

The ability to save jobs and selected tools is very useful for sharing and collaboration.

Christian Kraft, CAD/CAM, purchaser, instructor, Steiner Maschinenbau GmbH

I think this is a valuable tool for anyone trying to work with multiple manufacturers. It helps streamline your information gathering.

Isaac Rupprecht, Tool Crib Coordinator, K&G Manufacturing Co.

I like the fact that everything is in one location. I don’t need to look up part numbers from one place to another for cutting parameters. I can get everything I need in one location.

Isaac Rupprecht, Tool Crib Coordinator, K&G Manufacturing Co.

The MachiningCloud allows our customers to search and use our product offering in an easy-to-use format, saving them time and helping them make better tooling decisions.

Chuck Berg, Chief Operating Officer, Command Tooling Systems

Because Denitool customers are experienced machinists, it's always important for them to get the files they need in the shortest amount of time, while keeping data quality high and lowering expenditures in the process. For this reason, we recommend the MachiningCloud App to our customers. All you have to do is open the app, select Denitool and use the filters to get the best matching tool you need and download the 3D-file.

Pascal Sidler, Engineering for Denitool

Through our partnership with MachiningCloud, our customers will enjoy the convenience and benefits of having all relevant technical data and information relating to the tool holders that are used on Mazak machines.

Thomas Lee, General Manager, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Pte Ltd.

MachiningCloud enables VERICUT users to obtain accurate 3D models of cutting tools and manufacturer recommended feed/speed information from multiple vendors using a single source. With VERICUT’s connection to MachiningCloud, simulation is enhanced with “Smart” tools that can warn programmers when tools are used improperly or outside of their prescribed usage ranges, and preconfigure setup for feed rate optimization

Gene Granata, VERICUT, Product Manager