Reduce the time it takes to find, select, and assemble tools by 75% or more

The MachiningCloud is a one-stop, industry-wide resource that gives you the ability to
fast-track the process of creating tool assemblies

Source InformationSource the tools and information you need in a fraction of the time. Read more »

Tedious catalog and website searches are a thing of the past. Simply enter your criteria and the MachiningCloud does the work for you. Read more »

Product DataUp-to-date and complete product data – including availability. Read more »

MachiningCloud is continuously refreshed by suppliers with their newest product data. No more frustration with obsolete or discontinued products. Read more »

Build AssembliesBuild assemblies in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Read more »

Direct access to the manufacturer’s native product data accelerates your processes. Get manufacturers’ recommended speeds and feeds, 3D models and 2D drawings. Read more »

DownloadDownload manufacturers’ product data for your CAM, Simulation and Tool Management software. Read more »

Descriptive, usage and geometric information powers your software system and speeds workflow. No more manual entry! Read more »

AccessAnytime / anywhere access from your desktop or tablet. Read more »

On-demand – the product data and application knowledge your software systems crave, plus a high power toolset, accessible via easy to use Apps. Read more »

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Take your shop’s efficiency and precision to a new level of performance. Read more »

Cutting tool data on MachiningCloud is more than replacing a static catalog. It's dynamic...helping you choose which tools to use, how to assemble them and at what speeds to run them.