MachiningCloud’s cloud-based software is easy to use. It includes access to manufacturers’ product data and a large library of product knowledge.

Simplified search

Easily choose your optimal CNC cutting tool with MachiningCloud. Our centralized database of CNC cutting tools from a vast selection of manufacturers and advanced filters, will help you find the perfect tool for your needs in minutes.  Stop using these time-consuming methods – multiple websites, paper catalogs, or phone inquiries – which have become outdated in the CNC industry. Sign up for a free trial today.


MachiningCloud uses manufacturer-provided product data to create the ideal CNC tool assembly swiftly and simply. Whether you’re working with one or multiple manufacturers, creating a complete multi-brand assembly – including cutting tools, adapters, holders, and inserts – has never been easier. Sign up for a free trial today and see how MachiningCloud can help you save time and money on your CNC machining projects.

Feeds and Speeds

MachiningCloud stands out with its unique ability to provide feeds and speeds for different types of materials being machined. These recommendations, directly from tooling manufacturers, cater to individual tools across various brands. This highly requested feature, exclusive to MachiningCloud, ensures optimal tool performance and machining efficiency.

Machining cloud provides a digital platform that we use to manage our entire shop floor from inventory to setups. With industry 4.0 on the rise, we envision Machining Cloud as the centerpiece of our cutting-edge manufacturing operation.

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MachiningCloud, with its user-friendly interface, simplifies tooling management. It integrates seamlessly with software applications, such as CAM, simulation and verification and tool management software for your CNC machines, enabling users to manage, share, and store tooling packages efficiently. With the ability to create, store, and output job reports to PDF and Excel, MachiningCloud streamlines your workflows, making tooling management a breeze.

Data exchange

MachiningCloud offers unparalleled access to manufacturers’ digital product data in an ISO standard format, including STEP, STL and GTC, enhancing your CAM, simulation and verification and tool management software for your CNC machines. This allows you to view 3D CAD models, descriptive data, and 2D drawings, supporting your tooling package and machining process. Your online tooling package is securely stored on MachiningCloud and can be shared within your company, eliminating the need for less secure, traditional file-sharing methods.


Order the right tooling components faster and easier than ever before with MCS.

You now have access to seamless online orders through an exclusive partnership with MSC Industrial Supply Co.

MachiningCloud easily pays for itself with the time I save not having to track down models or cutting data from tool manufacturer websites.


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